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Hey, my name is Courtney I'm new to this, and me and my boyfriend has been together for 3 years and he is leaving for the great lakes on June 5th it's been really hard to think about not seeing or talking to him 24/7 like I do now as the days get closer and closer. But I always try to think it's for the better some times it help and sometimes it does. But If it's anyone who what's to give me some info on how all this navy stuff works feel free to let me know. Thanks :)
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Thank you both all this is making me feel some what better :)

love to help! Message me if you have any other questions or just want to vent as I might as well! haha

My boyfriend left last November to Great Lakes, so he's finished all of that and already stationed to a ship. Just know that I freaked out as the days came closer to him leaving, but he'll be able to write you letters and my boyfriend even called me a few times! KEEP THE PHONE NEAR YOU! Haha, well don't really because you'll go crazy half of the time but don't think you won't get a call from him! Make an album or CD of yall's favorite songs together to listen to while he's gone for something to make you smile:) I made it through him being in Basic and so will you! Just have faith and pray!

Hey I'm new to this as well. My boyfriend left for Great Lakes on April 24th, he is half-way through his bootcamp. Don't get upset if it takes a few weeks to hear from him. His mom got his clothes shipped back about a week after he left and then his graduation information two weeks after he left. She only just received a letter last week as did his best friend who also received a phone call. I haven't heard from him yet but they are only allowed to write on Sunday's so give it some time but expect it to be about a month before you hear from him, if you're lucky it will be sooner. My bf leaves for A-school right after basic so unless I go to his graduation I probably won't see him until August. It helps to keep busy, try a new hobby, and hang out with friends, and remember it is okay to cry. Sometimes you'll see something that reminds you of him and you'll just start bawling, its okay ad it happens to everyone. When you get his address just write to him, and just know that he may not be able to write back but he loves you and wishes that he could write back. Good luck, and friend me if you ever want to talk.