Liberty After Graduation...?

Hi ladies,
For all of you that have been through your sailor's graduation, how much liberty do they get after they graduate? I read in multiple places that if they are staying in Great Lakes they get the whole weekend, after checking into their new school, and if they are leaving GL they most likely leave the next day. Well I just got my first letter from my boyfriend (yay!) and in it he said he might only get 9 hours of liberty. But he's staying in Great Lakes so that seems like it contradicts what I've previously heard. Just looking for some insight on this question from some more experienced Navy girlfriends ;-) Thanks!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Thank you! :-) I found it hard to believe that he said "only 9 hours" because then he said "I hope we get more time." I think the RDC's are pulling his leg! Every source I have gotten my info from has said that if they stay in GL they get all weekend. Darn them... lol. Thanks again for clarifying :-)

If he's staying in GL for A school he should definitely get the whole weekend. My boyfriend stayed in great lakes and we got him all weekend. Friday right after graduation we only saw him for like 10 minutes and then had to check in, which took like 5 hours I believe. And then we got him for a few more hours, just enough time to eat dinner, then he had to go back. But then we got him all day Saturday and Sunday! It will most likely be the same for you. I hope you get the whole weekend with him.