My Story Is Different....

Hi....I am 34...yep old compared to you ladies. I commend you for your patience! I am a divorced mother of 2. I met my Navy man 5 months ago. He is 42...he is a commander in the Nuclear program and his ship is docked for overhaul in Virginia. I live 10 minutes from his ship and 20 minutes from his house. Ladies the nuke program is difficult. He thankfully isn't deployed or in boot but he is ALWAYS on that ship and when he isn't he gets calls all day and night. We can't plan anything because we never know if the ship will need him. We took a vacation to Orlando for a week and ended up returning 3 days early because there was problems on the ship. He retires next summer. Ladies I have no clue how you have done this. I don't know that I would have survived his 24 year career.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

we love our boys.. its hard really ****** sometimes. but worth their love. I was with Tyler 1yr before he joined... he is now 3 weeks into bootcamp. 5 to go.... I only get letters 1 time a week. it sucks. One year of dealin with ship dutie is barable, if he is worth your time. Listen to your heart. :)

It takes a lot of Gut, Trust, Patience, Faith and Love. If you feel it in your heart that it is right you will stick with him thru it all and deal with him gone constantly, but since he retires next summer things will get better for you and him.