His Delimma, Our Delimma

Okay: So, Jay has already been accepted, sworn in, and signed the papers to be a part of the US Navy. They even moved his date for Basic Training up from October to next month (two weeks from now). We've accepted that and decided to make the best of our time together. Everything's peachy, yeah?

And so here comes the Navy with this big 'ole curve ball:

They're saying he's 'not small enough' yet and are thinking of delaying him or even 'kicking him out' over him not having lost enough weight yet...

Is this real? Does this really happen?

I told him I support him 100% no matter what happens, but that he was a good man and the recruiters or whomever would soon realize the error of their ways. Everything would work out well, he will still reach his goals. But he's kicking himself now, because he's been working his BUTT off [literally] for the past two weeks, when he found out they'd moved up his Basic Training date.

I can only say so much. Is everything going to be okay? I tell him it is, but I need assurance too. I want him to be in the Navy because its what he wants. I want him to be happy, and fulfilled.

Does anyone else have experience with issues like this? Are they bluffing to push him forward faster and motivate him, or is this ... just really uncool....?

Rainynights Rainynights
May 24, 2012