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They say at 16 you're not really mature enough to really understand love, but I do. I've been together with my boyfriend for almost a year and he broke the news to me that he's joining the navy. My heart sank as I heard the words come out of his mouth. I was all for it until I did further research. I'm making myself sick by reading all the dangers there are. How can I get myself to stop listening "Just a Dream" by Carrie Underwood or worrying about if he's gonna come back to me. My friends tell me I'm too young and dumb to wait for him. They just don't know I feel about him. I'm scared I wont get to think we're going to be together forever. I'm scared I'm gonna get that call that he didn't make it...
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Im 16 turning 17 in 2 days.. My fiance is in the army he left to his B.T on jan 3... On march 16 he graduated and he proposed to me:) now his stationed in Virginia 3hrs away from me. I understand how you feel because i been trough it if you need someone to talk im here:)

I'm 16 also and i know exactly how your feeling. My friends told me that it was pointless waiting for him because it wouldnt last and he would most likely cheat. Well 4 months later here we are stronger than we were before he left. If anything dating someone that is in the Navy or anything to that nature, it is a lot better for the relationship, may be harder but with trust, faith and letters you will get through it. Joinging this site will help you, i havent been a member long and it has helped me pull through his first deployment. Stay strong and stick beside him through it all, it will make you two stronger and fall even harder in love. <br />
"a navy man is strong but it takes an even stronger woman to wait and stand by his side" <br />
<br />
Stay strong,be faithful, love and let love come in to you,.

I'm 17 and my boyfriend went to Basic last November. I heard all of the negative stuff that could happen as well, but you can't get wrpped up in it all. He's two years older than me so sometimes it does get difficult to understand everything that goes on, but you can do it! We've been together two years and I'm even going to visit where hes stationed in two weeks! How exciting huh?! Just know that if this is what your willing to do-- wait for him and be his support--- then you can do it with a little prayer! If you have any questions I got the answers so just message me:)

I completed 30 years in the Navy Kelly...For me it was my life.. I enjoyed it so much. I had at the time a strong women behind me that made sure the homefront was cared for....If you need any advice or questions answered just post. Navy wives and girlfrinds have some of the greatest support groups also.