I miss him :|
My tummy is all turned, I don't want to eat.
I just want to bawl....
:- /
28 more days though.
Never knew it would hurt like this.
Never knew your mood can be really good and you think nothing will ruin your day
but as soon as you hear his name or someone ask you about him or you see his photos
your mood switchs so quickly to were you want to shut down.
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

I try not to think about him. I read his letters when I miss him, it makes me feel like he is there.<br />
<br />
Plan dates for the two of you when he gets back. That's a productive way of thinking bout him. ;)

I read them quite often to help me get thru the harder days.
He sent me a letter, got them today and he drew lips on them and said that he kissed the paper right there for me :)
I need to i told him that i wanted to see the movie battle ship with him and if we can't see it together together i want to watch it with him while we skype. I hate that Florida is so far away from Texas (the part of texas i live in.)

Aw that is the sweetest thing SO cool you got letters today, sounded like they were needed. Oh that movie lol. Im in FL, let me tell ya, its been hot like 96 round here.and rainy and humid!!! Gross!

Thank you, i try i did really good yesterday as in not crying. His name was all over everything i looked at, fb, letters, his picture is on my phone as the wallpaper, him mom texted me and we talked about him. I wanted to break down but i kept reminding myself its for the best. stay strong

when you start to break down, think to yourself, I HAVE TO BE STRONG FOR MY MAN! military relationships are hard!! but staying positive and keeping busy is what gets you through