Thoughts On This?!

I got a letter today from Brandon and to me he sounds depressed (which is understand he misses everything outside of the navy) but I need ya'll opinion.
this is what it said.

"A sailors cry my ship did die!
A Heart a sea that swam, broken, and battered, a drift and aloff, free to float
shackled and tortured and trapped at the bottom of the sea.
And the current adrifters did see thee lone-some sight of a Sailor stranded by the sea.
Hidden from the Sailor did not see the drifters as he, abandon me to drown alone, secluded, stranded, and disreguarded
by my love the sea."

I don't know if that is a saying for them, or if he just wrote that. He is a writter, he loves writting poems and things.
It kind of broke my heart. :-/
leahbrandonsgirl leahbrandonsgirl
18-21, F
May 25, 2012