Did Anybody Take A Cab To The Graduation Before?

Hi so I am not 21 yet, so I cannot rent the car when I go to Chicago. So all I can do it's to take a cab! It sounds so lame but do I still need to wait in the line since I don't drive?????

Thank You
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Mine is June 22nd and I have the same problem I won't be 21 until July so I would only be able to take a cab as well, and it would be from Chicago O'Hare airport to a hotel a few miles from the ba<x>se. I was wondering the same thing.

Could you give me that cab number just in case? His friend is supposed to go but if he doesn't I have to go solo or ask his parents and I don't want that to be awkward. Thanks!

But what hotel did you book?

Oh mine is on June 22nd too:))))) hahaha but I actually booked the hotel like 20miles away from ba<x>se, so they dont have shuttle bus. so i think i will just take a cab. but it's lame cuz i dont want to wait in the car lines with a cab. it's so ridiculous!

I have to take a Taxi to get to the Navy Lodge where is parent will be staying at, they're allowing me to stay with them, they live in florida so riding with them doesn't help my situation since i am in Texas, I am nervous about taking the cab to the Navy lodge and staying with them. I get the O'hare airport at 11:00 p.m. June 21st and the taxi is only going to cost me 50$ to pick me up and take me to the Navy Lodge. I have the number if you need that Taxi company. Its pretty Cheap since its 45-1hr away from Great Lakes.

Well. so are you going to take the on June 22nd? where's your hotel?

It's in great lakes on the base, the navy lodge.

whens graduation? mines june 22nd

if you stay in a hotel thats close by they have shuttle busses that take ppl up to the naval ba<x>se for graduation.

When are you going to Chicago?<br />
A cab would be ridiculous to take, it would cost a fortune! I am pretty sure the closet airport to ba<x>se is like 45 miles...