Oh Thank You God! Letters!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I got a letter... well actually it was 9 letters in one little envelope. I have never cried so much unwillingly, Happy tears. I was talking to the mail man as he sorted the mail and he said you got a letter. My heart stopped. As soon as he handed me the letter I ran home, Told our dog we got letters.. walked her cuz I didnt wanna open it too fast, Finally got back and sat down Kinda nervous at first. I opened and began reading. OH man I miss him! It was so good to see his writing. To here about what he is doing. He is getting to like it better and that makes me feel good. Oh and Im pretty sure I hear wedding bells in our near future. It makes all this missing him worth while. It makes me feel not so lonely. He missed my Birthday, but he had a ring for me at his dads. Its beautiful! In his letters he said he would call soon but that was on the 19th... Nothing yet. Im not gettin discouraged though. The letters make it easier. Having communication again. even if its all we got. Its so great. I love my Sailor.
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Congrats:)) and I just received my sailor's phone call couple weeks before:) when's your sailor's grad day?

july 6th, I have not got a call yet. I cant wait for that though. its been 3 weeks and 1 day lol.

When My Sailor was in Basic I got about 9 letters and 5 phone calls total! Just keep yourself busy and pray--his graduation will be there before you know it! Congrats on wedding bells in the near future though! How exciting:)

Thank you. I'm counting the days!

AW getting letters are the best feeling you will get, i have had 3 phone calls the 3(envelopes) letters ment a little more to be because they're more personal then the 1st 2 calls i got but the 3rd phone call we talked and talked for 20 minutes. I hope you get a call Soon and are able to talk to him as long as i was able to :) Congrats on it all though!!!!!!!!

I have yet to get a call since he left, it sad. I miss his voice, but Lord yes the letters make all the difference. He asked me to sail away with him in one of the letters. He is the best :)

That's sweet! :)) I am happy for you!!!

i think they send out letters only on sundays? great to hear you're feeling better! keep your head up =)

Yeah thats what he was saying, but he got a assigned Mail Petty Officer for the remainder of boot camp. I dont know if that means anything though lol. just cool I guess....