Whats Going On !!!!

okay so the last letter i received from my boyfriend was informing me that he had failed the swim test for the last time. now he has to see what the RDC going to do with him. if their going to continue to keep him or let him go. that was on the 8th when he wrote it. i received it on the 16th (supper later after) . But i've written about three letters, sent him 2 birthday cards way before then and he havent replied to any of that. I Know somethings going on bc i always receive a letter every week from him even if i dont send him a letter he still writes me. Can anyone tell me whats going on? pls i need forsure answers
SuduceMadusa SuduceMadusa
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

Good news! I wasn't too worried as I knew they would push him hard to get the swim qual. They have a rather large investment in him (putting him thru boot) and they would not be inclined to let that investment slide away at this point....

so just wen i thought to give up, i went check the mail and there it was THE LETTER ! and he still loves me and guess what ?! he passed his swim test and my babys going to Aschool. And it gets better. i logg into facebook and he wrote on my wall. i was in complete shock bc other than him i am the only one who has his account info . so i was like this is him. and we are talking at this moment. so ladies if you feel like your at your breaking point with your boyfriend being in basic training, DONT give up. things will work itself out IF its real love. trust me he misses you just as much.