Kinda Worried.

Well lately I've been hearing the term "tag chasers" a lot, which is apparently a girl who only dates military men and will flirt with them no matter if they're single or taken. Blah I don't want my guy around these persistent girls.
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3 Responses Jun 12, 2012

Agreed. It doesn't matter how much they throw themselves at your man. As long as you guys have faithfulness and trust he will realize that what he has is so much better. Persistent or not, They will not be successful! Living in Hawaii (I was around Pearl Harbor area) I see those "tag chaser" girls all the time and the real men just laugh at them and keep walking!

I think as long as they're faithful like kelly19 said it wont matter what they do they wont go for them if they're smart they will realize they have something better waiting on them.

Lol I will deff smack a hoe