One Of Those Nights

Tonight is one of those night, I'm sure everyone has but I can't stop thinking about him, I just feel like breaking down idk where this came from because I was just fine today. I been holding it together for this long idk why it wants to come out now. Smh! Every song I play remind me of him just everything I do remind me of him, I miss him so much words can't explain it right now, it's nights liken this I wish I could talk to him for a few mins he is the only one who can make me smile in just 2sec if I'm sad, down or if something is just bothering me. ughh!! Aug 3rd please hurry up :)
PoohBear092810 PoohBear092810
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6 Responses Jul 3, 2012

No we have nothing done yet lol we know where we are staying but I do have my outfit :)

Feel the same. August 3rd isn't far away but it's taking its sweet time. Do you have your room booked and know what your wearing? Sry just trying to take your mind off some things. I know I feel a bit better if I can think of the details

It really sneaks up on you.. I let it all out, and then pull myself together and try to busy myself with a movie, baking something, the gym, or yoga. Keep in mind he has "those nights" just like we do. Stay strong! August 3rd is closer than it seems. :)

I feel the same. I'm also waiting on august 3rd. I know it's only a month a way but I feel like I'm doing worse now than ever. No one can understand and I can't even understand why I'm feeling this way. I think me and him both feel the same. He's ready to be done. We are both miserable and sometimes that makes it easier but it also makes it harder. I'm doing my best to throw myself into hobbies and reading. It's all I can think of to get through the rest of this summer.

yes we must get through it!! :) Allow yourself to feel sad and break down it needs to come out it'll make you feel better then know you'll see your baby soon :) Aug. 17th for me can't wait :)

thats exactly waht happened to me the same time last night. :( It is hard but we can get through it.