Would You Be As Saddened As I Am?

Before Bootcamp, I remember my boyfriend being against drinking/smoking. Knowing this, I gave him my word that I wouldn't. But since he has been in the Navy, he's had beer and recently he smoked. I feel betrayed that he broke his word. What saddens me the most is that this is not him.. That he's changed.. Would you feel this way too?
StayVenta StayVenta
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2012

I would talk to him...but don't come off as you are trying to control his habits. I would just say something like..."it really bothers me how before bootcamp you wouldn't drink or smoke...and now you are..." Also...at least he is being honest with you that he has drank and smoked and not trying to hide it form you. <br />
Good luck!

I would be sad, too. But the Navy and the military in general changes people. If what he is doing is making you unhappy, though, you really need to talk to him about it. Sometimes you'll just have to deal with changes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be unhappy about them!

It's ok to be sad. Its hard to see the someone you love change but my advice is to try and talk to him about it. Keep in mind that what he's going through will change him, the military does that but dont be afraid to voice your concerns. Ultimately its up to him to stop though. Good luck!