Update :)

So Jarid got home from the test and everything yesterday, he got his job and deployment date. His job is an IT (not really sure if that's good or not any inquiry would be cool ) , and his deployment date is January 2nd which I am kind of grateful for because our 3year anniversary is December 20th and I'll be able to spend my birthday , our anniversary, thanksgiving , Christmas , and New Years with him :) which makes me a very happy camper . My best friend thinks that I am over reacting to the whole thing but I've been with him and talked to him e v e r y d a y for almost 3 years . So the thought of me not seeing him or talking to him for weeks kills me :( . He's my absolute best friend and my soul mate so all of this is a bit difficult for me . But thank you to the girls who reached out to me on my last note , it means alot :)
Marissawhit Marissawhit
18-21, F
Jul 25, 2012