Last Few Days!!

Okay I haven't wrote a story in a while but my sailor graduates this Friday, which means I finally get to him, so happy and excited right now 3 more days and I get to told him! Last Friday and Saturday my sailor was in "haven" which he called me Friday but his brother told me he was calling then I got another call Saturday I was so surprised. I got two calls back to back I knew I wouldn't get 3rd lol but Thoes two calls would have me set until Friday.

this journey has been hard and easy and wouldn't have did it without this page it has helped me out a lot, reading everyone stories. And meeting new people, i told him I would be waiting on him when he gets back and here I am, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, I wouldn't have wanted to take this journey with any one else but him. can't wait for August 3, anyone else sailor will graduate then or is in div 232.?
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aw, one more day! my boyfriend graduated last friday and i'm telling you, it was one of the best days of my life. you will love it!!

Lol you can text me at any time.

Aww so happy you got another call. I haven't heard anything from devin. No news is good news though. I'm still crossing my fingers I get a call on Wednesday though. I am so excited. Words can't describe it. I'll Ttul chica :-) just saw this and its late so I didn't want to text lol.