I Think He Is Tricking Me!!!

Okay what do you think girls....So a few days ago my boyfriend told me that there is a slight chance that he might be able to come home August 17 18 19 for just the weekend. He was waiting until he got his next pay check and then he was going to use it for a plane ticket home for the weekend. I didn't want to get my hopes up...but then he told me today that there is a 99% chance he can come home on the 24 25 26...so I was like YAYAYYYYYY! but how come it is the 24-26 and not the 17-19 anymore? And I think I caught him by surprise because he was like "oh....the plane tickets are like $200 more that weekend so I have to come home the 24-26 instead...." so I was like hmmmm! And being the snoopy gf I am....I looked up all the plane tickets available for those weekends and they were identically priced!!!! SO....that was my first clue!!! and THENNNNN....a few minutes ago we got to facetime and he was like...do you want the good news or the bad news first?? and I said bad.....so he said "well....I am not going to be able to come home on this pay check....but the next one I should be able too." And now I am really suspicious because I already knew he wasn't coming home on this pay check....so why would he have mentioned that? Also...he seemed mixed up on the dates....so maybe he thought he told me he was coming home the 24-26 and is really coming home the weekend before?? or vice versa? All I know is...it doesn't matter when he can come home... I just want to see him!!!!!! I am just hoping it works out and that he can at least come! He is so sneaky, though! so I never know!
Ashleylh24 Ashleylh24
18-21, F
Jul 31, 2012