My boyfriend and I have gone through so much trouble with roommates here in Goose Creek, SC while I visit him for the summer. Being in such close contact with other couples and seeing how absolutely ridiculous they act and how horrible they treat people and each other really makes me realize how happy I am to have found Brennan. All the trouble we have dealt with with other people here gave me a huge idea of how we'll face other challenges. I love how we balance each other out in stressful situations, like when I'm in a bad mood or upset about something, he puts aside any situation he's in and goes right to cheering me up even if he's in a similar mood and vice versa. Seems like if one of us is losing control of whatever situation we're in the other one keeps their cool. I just wish I had more time with him to do fun things and get over the stress fest we've had the last couple of days. I've got 9 days till I leave to go back to school, which I am ready to leave South Carolina because I am so sick of this city (no offense to those who love it, just not for me) and how ready I am to leave all the new people I have meet here in the dust, but I can't say how much I wish he could leave with me. I am going to miss all of his support, his love and how it completely feels like home with him even though this temporary city is far from it.
freefallin11 freefallin11 18-21, F Aug 9, 2012

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