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So, I had a friend stay over last night, and the entire time she was calling or texting her boyfriend and giggling cause he was saying sweet things to her.. It made me a bit jealous just cause my Sailor isn't here and I can't text him or call him anymore.. Does anyone ever feel that way? I feel so alone in this.. No one that is around me understands..
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Holy Crap! Literally, the same thing happened to me the other night too. All of my friends have boyfriends and mine is a thousand miles away. It really agitates me how some girls boyfriends are in college, a COUPLE hours away, with the ability to text and call basically whenever they want- but I cant do that. and it really stinks. But in all honesty, I'm glad my mans in the Navy and not just in college. Don't get too sad, he'll make you real proud! :)

Yea pretty much all the time haha. It's deff not fun and makes you ohhhh so very jealous. And kinda mad cause when they can't be with their bfs for a day they complain and then you're like I haven't seen mine for 6 months /: But yea I'm pretty sure mostly all of us do ya know. Is yours on deployment or boot camp/ school? Well either way it is poop. I found that writing him letters helps A LOT haha. And yea my friends jut say oh I'm sorry and they'll be like at least you have a bf or something. So this site is probably home to some of the best friends you could ever talk to cause we're all on the same boat (; and if you ever need anyone to talk to feel free to message me or what not haha. Sorry if some of this sounds kinda annoying, it's 1:30am and I should be asleep cause I have work lol. Wellllll have a good night and know he's probably feeling kinda like you right now and misses you like crazyyyy!!!!

I understand. No one around me understands how bad this sucks and all my friends have just decided that since they don't understand it, instead of dealing with me they mostly just ignore me. We're all here for you though :)

Wow.. Some friends huh? My friends do their best to understand.. But thanks for being here :))

I have friends just telling me I shouldn't be doing this we haven't been dating that long why hold on to him while he's not here... Or my favorite, he's just gonna go sleep with random girls at the ports. That one kills me every time :( thankful I found this site

Ouch, mine aren't that cruel but they always tell me I just need to "get used to it". If you trust your boyfriend and he loves you I'm sure he'll be faithful :)

I felt that exact same wat yesterday when i saw my friend with her boyfriend. My boyfriend is also in great lakes he just left 4 days ago if u need anyone to talk to u can txt me at 19158200461 :)

Sorry i put the wrong number :/ lol its 19148200461

No one understands besides our family. People tell me I'm crazy for doing this and I just don't respond. That's Why I joined here because everyone on here Understands!

I just don't know what to do

Stay strong FOR HIM. If I was just thinking about myself I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning... but I HAVE to. He gets out of bed every day and does his job so I have to stay here at home and take care of myself so that I'm strong upon his return. Where is your sailor at?

Great Lakes,.Illinois.

Ah my guy just came home for two weeks from there. He left to go to Sasebo, Japan on Wednesday. Once he gets out of boot camp he can call and text freely unless they are doing school, watch, or muster. But I talked to my sailor all day and once he got off of school we skyped until bedtime. Just hang in there girl it's hard I know but it's so worth it when you hold him in your arms. My picture is from when we first saw each other I can not explain how that moment felt <3

Do they get a break after.school

After boot camp I don't think so... But school yes they gave My Bud 12 days of leave.

How long is school?

Not sure I started talking to him again once he was already in school. But I know with boot camp, school, strand, and his hold he was gone for 5 months! Not sure what job your sailor is going for but some jobs take longer than others to finish classes for.

His job has something to do with electronics and computers

Yes I'm not sure my guy is a machinist mate so idk how long yours will be gone! Wish I could help :( trust me tho once he gets in school and is able to talk to you more time flys we talked for the last month of his school and it flew by! Hang in there girl!

I'm trying :(

You can message me if you EVER need to its really no problem. I need friends to talk to sometimes too we all just have to hold each other up. Without us our Navy wouldn't be as strong because our men wouldn't be as strong!!!

You can text me whenever you need anything.432-517-9243

my boyfriend is IS intel spec. and hes gone a total of 6 months with boot and a school but mine is reserves so he gets to come home when he gets out of school

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