Same Ol' Story Every Time.. Just Ranting And Raving

Does anyone deal with this situation?
I feel like i'm a broken record. In the recent 6 months, my boyfriend went from calling me almost every night for hour long conversations, to texting me on weekends but only calling me once a week for a 15 min conversation. And it seems like only after I've called him. I call him out on it all the time but he doesn't seem to care.

Tonight i just got off the phone with him and he was with his buddies all weekend. Texted me a few times, but didn't answer my phone calls all weekend. I asked him if we could start scheduling time to talk twice a week. I tried to push asking "what time? i want to make sure i have my phone with me". But he seemed annoyed and never answered my question.

A lot has changed with us good and bad since the beginning of the year. Earlier this year I found texts with another female sailor that was inapropriate. I vowed to forgive him and forget, but told my bf if anything happens like this again I would leave him in an instant. He told me it was nothign and it will never happen again. I believe him and trust that. Since then he goes thru phases of attentiveness and then i dont' hear from him for a week. Good and bad like I said.
I'm trying to be open minded and not get upset about it, but i'm sick of hearing "i'll call you tomorrow" and no call for 4 days. We are both busier than we used to be. I got a second job and my sailor has made a new friend on his ship and since he seems spends every evening hanging out with this new guy, which he admits he won't answer his phone around him. I've met this guy multiple times and i like him, I feel like trouble started since they started hanging out. Also my sailor got in some trouble and was ordered to return living on the ship instead of his barracks. so i can't just call him all the time when i used to.

I feel like i'm going out of my mind, and this is the same cycle we go thru every month. How can i really forget his betrayal if it seems like his buddies are more important than me? I'm going to see him this weekend, last time till October, I don't know if i should say something or wait?
lilgirlie57 lilgirlie57
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2012