I Don't Know What To Do....

So I'm going to college soon and the college I want to go to is in 2 convenient places. The first place is in Colorado where my brother lives, so I wouldn't haven't worry about getting an apartment. The second place is south Carolina where my boyfriend will be for 2 years while in A school, but I would have to get an apartment. I don't know what to do because the school I want to go to is only 9 months, but who knows where my boyfriend will be stationed after A school. He might have to go to Japan and I may never see him! I don't know what to do... Help?
Mydearestsailor Mydearestsailor
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2012

I'm going to study cosmetology. It's only 9 months! But I just really really hope he doesn't go to Japan!! Haha:)

what are you studing?<br />
i would say with ur family, i think it will help the bond with your man, it will get stronger. there will always be a chance he is be stationed far away. <br />
if u get the apartment near him you will get lockd into a lease and hes stuff can always change. think it all the way on both sides :)