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He went to boot camp in january, finished "A" school two weeks ago, and I get to see him for 15 days next friday! Why do they have to tease me with seeing him for 15 days when they're going to send him out for a few months after that? At least the past few months I got to see him once a month. And I've been able to talk to him on the phone every day, and see him on web cam. Now I know I won't hear from him for a very long time.

Does anyone out there know what they have access to technology wise on the ship? He's going to be on an aircraft carrier.

Any other ladies have a man on the USS Carl Vinson?

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My boyfriend was stationed on the USS Truman right after he got out of his A school in Pensacola.. though he lives on his ship and it's in the shipyard for now, he can still use his phone and computer, we skype all the time and he calls me at 3 everyday when he gets off work. His weekends are also free! So if your Sailor's going to be on a ship that's not yet deployed I wouldn't worry about not being able to talk to him!:)

My boyfriend just went to boot camp on July 17.. can you give me any advice? like, what was it like and stuff? Does it get any easier?

It does get easier when you get mail and he gets those few phone calls! I'd make some sort of cute countdown list that gets you excited for count todwn the days instead of go week by week!

My fiancee is on an aircraft carrier, and he has internet connection in his room so I get to talk to him in skype a little bit each day. I don't know how common this is, but hopefully your friend will be able to do the same :-) He did tell me aircraft carriers are the biggest and most technologically advanced ships, so there is a chance if nothing else they have like an area where the guys can go use computers in their free time.

Im going through the same thing. My boyfriend left march 22nd and he wont be back until may. I haven't even recieved my first letter yet . Im just getting over the fact that he is gone a( a tiny bit) because we are so close. He is my best friend ever and it gets hard. He is still in bootcamp and then he will be leaving for A -school in Pensacola ( I think) beforehe actually gets to come home. :(

They do have internet on the carrier girls :) Try not to expect too many emails from the carrier because they usually let the people doing school use the computers first.. But mine s able to send me one every night and some days a few a day.. Also they can call on the carrier but its only when they are on Watch, so if any crazy numbers ever call your phone answer!! and theres always like a 5 second delay! :)

I know they have e-mail. I should know that. My guy was on a sub. Now he is on land communications. He s going to be heading over to Afghanistan. I know that its going to be hard for me.

thedudeia, not all men are like that. My man got cheated on by his now ex fiance while he was on a sail around from Mississippi to California. When they stopped in Rio and everywhere else along they way, his buddies headed to the ***** houses while him and a select few stayed outside waiting for a chance to call their girls back home. It's guys like you that give sailors a bad name, that make girls wonder about their men, and make it harder for the good ones to convince us that they're not just a stereotypical sailor.

thedudeia... that was a really rude post. why would you put something like that on here? some of us have guys that truly love us

my boyfriend been in bootcamp for two days in chicago after that he being send to pensacola and then he going to be in aircarft carrers. and i know how you feel im going to go to his graduation see him for two days.. and it just suck to know that it will never be the same as it use to be that i wont be able to hang out with him everyday and call him when ever i want to see what up...

this is exactly what my boyfriend is doing.... does it get any easier?

to thedudeia...Not to be rude but not all men will cheat just because "sand crabs" are waiting for them. Some men actually love their girlfriends/wives and have something called self control. So speak for yourself.

Well Girls I am a man that was in the Navy...and I am afread you dont want to hear the truth, The Navy really does not care about girl friends they really dont care to much for wifes. It is all about the mission. A sailor steams! going to sea is what we do you get 2 weeks a year. Sounds like like most of your boy friends are on, or going to be on aircarft carrers. well guess what they are at sea ALL the time and for long periods. The safety of the carreer group is number one and any communation that would risk that is just not going to happen, while you are at home your Saliors are seeing the world, stopping at the coolest ports in the world and belive me there are pleanty of sand crabs there waiting for them. I know you didnt want to hear this but someone needs to tell you the truth....sorry

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im goin thro the exact same thing that you are. its hard. he just left me last wed and i told him to send me the first letter but i have his address and want to talk to him so bad.....

ugh! i also know the feeling. my boyfriend left 10 days ago for boot camp and im freaking out because i cant talk to him for 2 months! only through letters, and im just patiently waiting for that first letter!. then right after boot hes going to pensacola for a school and then he will be home for a tiny bit. grr i just want to talk to him.

My bf left for boot camp the same time. I can't wait to get a letter. I hope his time in A school will be easier on me because I can talk to him plus I will be in school for my final semester. I'm not worried about after a school because we will be married come December so I'm moving with him. I hope you can think towards the future with a smile and get through the next 6 weeks

my boyfriend is also in the navy he has been in for a year and 6 months..............and I know what you are saying but the only way they have to communicate with you is through email they don's have myspace..........or even a web cam i don't know why they are not aloud to have any thing like that on the me it gets a little easy but not that much..............well i hope that kinda answered your question..............if you have any question or just wanna talk just send me an email take care <br />
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wow my man just left Pensacole umm 2 months ago! waiting on the order is the most longest thing in the world lol but once u know where their gunna be your happy then get sad cuz they have to leave agian. but no matter what you'll always be ok! keep those heads up and SMILE your man loves u deeply and can't wait to been with you again need anythign at all im here to help r even if you just want to talk!

I'm kinda in the same boat. My boyfriend graduates A school on friday and comes home for two weeks on December 20th. We havent gotten orders yet and so I have no clue where he will be after that. It is ironic that you man is on USS Carl Vinson though because mine is living in that building at school in Pensacola. I'm not sure how common that is but it made me smile.