My Story :)

About four months ago i started dating this guy who was already in the navy for just about a year. From day one (literally the first time we hung out) he asked if i would wait for him if things between us got serious and i said yes. I am completely in love with him and plan on keeping my promise. We talk on the phone as much as possible and he came home twice on leave to see me for a few days. thankfully hes only 6 hours away so on weekends hes able to come home from time to time if hes not working. Hes been going underway a lot lately and his deployment is coming up soon. Hes gonna be gone for almost a year. Its really scaring me to know that for an entire year basically i wont be able to at least hear his voice. I miss him all the time and its hard to talk to my family and friends about our situation because they don't understand what its like to see the person you love only a few times here and there, or go so long without hearing from them. Despite how tough it can be not knowing where he is or what hes doing, i am the happiest I've been in a while with him. Being in this kind of relationship really opens your eyes to a lot of things about yourself and can make you a much stronger and more mature person so quickly. I consider us military girlfriends the lucky ones though, we are lucky to have men that care about us, are responsible, trusting, hard working, and smart. Plus they look really good in their uniforms :)
jesscrim618 jesscrim618
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012