No Mail :/

So last Wednesday I received my first letter from my sailor! I was so excited and it was such a cute letter too! Then, Saturday I got a call from him and he told me he'd write me every Sunday... well, I figured since he could only write on Sundays that I'd only get mail on Wednesday...but then, Wednesday came and no letter was in the mail- although, I expected it because of Labor Day on Monday. So I figured today would be the day I'd get my letter. I've been waiting to come home from school ALL day and even sped home just to get to the mail... I literally ran from my car to the mail box and when I opened it I saw only junk mail. Absolutely nothing from him. In disbelief, after I closed mail box door, I opened it again as if a letter from him would magically appear. I know it may seem ridiculous to yearn for one letter so bad, but when that's the only form of communication AND I was expecting it... it sucks. So now I can't wait for Wednesday to come...again.
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Can he only write on Sundays too??

thats how letters were wrking for us, i didnt get mail wed or today so i figure fri or sat. its good you got a call, my guys pir is 21st n i havnt gottn a call yet. stay pisitive

That makes me feel so much better!! :)

Same here Im expecting his first letter too since yesterday, But nope. I was so disappointed;-/ LOL I guess we have to wait til next week....