Love At First Sight? Not Really... Love After 19 Years? Yes.

I am new to this site after trying to cope with not only a LDR but a boyfriend on deployment. This is a short one, but he will be leaving again shortly for 6 months.

I wanted to share my story, and maybe find others who can support and need support as well.

Jim and I have known each other since kindergarten. Had the same teachers all throughout elementary school. We used to be "bf/gf" in the 3rd grade, haha.
Thanks to Facebook, we found each other 6 years ago. We have been on and off ever since, always returning to one another.

This time, it's on... for good. I live in our home state of Florida, while he has been in HI for 9 years. I have dealt with his deployment before.. But this time, it is driving me crazy!!!
The three days before this deployment, we spoke all day, and all night. Texting and calling, sending pictures. But this is the first time we have agreed to take this with 100% commitment, and will be flying out to HI after his return.

I'm not sure if it's the anxiety of going to finally see him, or the worry that this will not get easier over time. I know it's harder being so far away at the same time, and we are making plans to live together.

Does this get easier? I am perfectly fine by myself, and have no problem being alone while he is deployed.. But it kills me that I can't talk to him for months at a time (Aquaman probably does not deliver mail...)..
xxamberromancexx xxamberromancexx
26-30, F
Sep 7, 2012