First Letter!(:

I got my first letter from bootcamp today!(: I cant explain to you how happy i am. I just want more and more though lol. I read it like 5 times already!
She told me that the RDCs pick on her a lot because they know she can do better. She has four jobs including section leader! She also said that her ironing, folding, and shoe cleaning skills earned her a phone call. and if i havent gotten one to be expecting one soon!(:
She said she has cried twice. but only a couple tears.
She said the food is alright lol but atleast she is eating healthy.
She misses me and can't wait to see me.
She has blisters on her blisters and her kneecap hurts.
She said that she swears she hasnt changed too much but there are things that have really grown up.. not sure what she means by this lol
and she also says she misses out puppy lol
and she is going to put more effort into it for us(:

Gosh i love her!

clinging to my phone even more now!
any idea around what time they call?
like what time of the day?
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

it will come!! probably on the same day of the week that u got the form letter!! <br />
<br />
stay strong!!

I still havent gottenn my letter yet:(