Any Great Lakes Girls??!!!!!!!

So if they get to write on sundays, ive heard it usually arrives on wednesdays?! Does anyone know if this is true? He's coming from Great Lakes, if that helps
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I got letters on Wednesdays and only Wednesdays. I think it depends on the divisions. And like if they get in trouble or not. Cause there was one week they didn't get letters cause the group go in trouble so they held them.

yea i finally got my first one last Wednesday, so im thinking and hoping thats gonna be my day now!! :)

hey girl! they start out only getting to send letters out on sundays, but by the fourth week, my sailor was sending out letters on thursdays as well, so i was getting letters on mondays and wed-friday!

Mine wrote little things throughout the week, I think. Just really quick little notes. He wrote a proper (short) letter on Sunday and I got it Thursday or Friday.

Hey my boyfriend is at Great Lake right now. I havent gotten a letter from him yet but i did recieve his address today. When did your boyfriend leave?

he left tuesday september 4th. how long did it take for u to get the addres, bc we still havent gotten it?

it takes about like a week and a half to two weeks before you get it. just write him everyday :)) he'll love it! if you ever need to talk to anyone you an message me! it's good to have friends!! trust me. lol. I found people on here and the one has become like my best friend. it makes things a lot easier. especially because we undertsand!!

thanks! :) and will do, us girls need to stick together!!

My SO is in Great Lakes, as well. They do get to write on Sundays, and can receive mail everyday, but sometimes the mail doesn't get there as soon as you'd expect. It gets delayed sometimes.

sweet,thanks! On average though if he does it sunday, at least by the end of the week, ya think?

Yes I usually get mine Wednesday through Friday

one more question, the very first week your guy was in boot, did you get a letter the next week? or did it take longer?

I would love to know the answer to this too!? i havent gotten a letter and hes been there about a week

I got my s/o's grad packet exactly a week after he was at boot camp and got his first letters exactly two weeks after he was there and got my second letters yesterday (thursday because of Labor day). He wrote in his letter that he would be able to call around the 4th week (next week)

You get letters when they've been there for 2 to 3 weeks. You'll get the graduation info first or second week but no letters til they get their schedule

You (or who ever he sends it to) will get a form letter.. He will send this out the second Monday he is there. So expect to get it by the end of his second week.
The form letter basically is a "fill-in-the-blank" typed out page informing you of the address you can send his mail to. Also other important info about graduation and such. Ive heard of a few people being able to write a short personal message at the end of the form letter. Mine didnt so im really not too sure about that.
The beginning of his third week. On Sunday, he will finally be allowed to write you his letter. They are only allowed to write on Sundays. Mail will be send out on Monday.. so again. expect your first letter at the end of the third week!

BTW once you get the address. Send him mail right away!(: He will love it!
Good Luck!!(:

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