5 Days And Poemmm!

So, after like 2 and a half months i am going to see my sailor!!! i am beyond excited and beyond proud of him. He is graduationg on the 14th of september. (my birthday!!) i got him a wallet, because his got ruined in bootcamp, and i wrote him a poem. You can tell me what you think...

There she was,
sitting in the crowd.
Not paying attention,
just simply looking arond.

That's when she first saw you,
she first saw your face.
You were quite handsome,
and you made herheart race.

She didn't believe in
love at first sight,
but there was just something about you
and it definitely felt right.

She didn't see you
for a while after that.
But then that all changed,
at the tip of a hat.

She was walking down the street,
with soaking wet hair.
You didn't know where she was going,
she was on her way to the fair.

You came running across the street,
she's still not sure why
You first asked for her number,
then you said hi.

She got your number
and you began to talk.
She would text you everday,
like an automatic clock.

You got to know each other
and she began to fall i love.
It was the kinda love that
was usually dreamed of.

Then school started,
and she saw you everday.
Her love for ou grew stronger,
with each passing day.

Your first kiss was memorable,
it was an october night.
You were in a corn maze,
and it was just right.

You had eaten a worm,
after greg dared you too.
she was kinda grossed out,
that is maybe just a little true.

November was a special month,
can you remember why?
You told her tht you loved her,
and she said it back, shy.

Although you only talked
for just a short while,
she knew how she felt
and that you made her smile.

So you two shared something,
those three little words.
She was your first love,
and you were hers.

December twenty-first
two thousand and nine,
a lot of things had happened
ad they were more then fine.

First it started off
with going to a dance.
Then you sang to her
and put her in a trance.

But things got even better
and you asked her out.
She answered with a big yes,
because she was sure, no doubt.

May fourteenth, your birthday,
is also a big deal.
It's the first time you came over
to have a birthday meal.

You went outside with the kids,
and had a water fight.
Then you played guitar,
with her dad all night.

In july some stuff had happened,
and you began to fall apart.
Then you two broke up,
even after your great start.

About two years had passed since then
and it feels like nothings changed.
Except your in the Navy,
and her life is slightly rearranged.

But that's okay she doesn't mind,
as long as she had you.
You know you make her proud,
with the things you do.

You guys have been away from each other,
for about nine weeks.
And she can hardly wait
to feel your kiss on her cheeks.

Words can't even begin to describe
how proud she is of you.
So the hug she is going to give you
will have to do.

And this is where your story ends,
well, at least for now.
I'm sure you'll make more memories
and she'll write them down.

One more thing before this ends,
she would just like you to know,
that she really really really
does love you so. <3
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3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

its really sweet!!! i love all the details!! but i missed the part where you got back together??!! ! did yall?

yess. lol. we did :) a few months ago actually

well im happy for ya''ll!!!!! :)

thanks!!! :)


thanks :))

let me know what you think... i can handle crisicism lol