What Makes A Guy Change - His Friends, His Life, Or Is He Hiding Something?

Hey ladies. So I was sooo excited to hear from Jim a few days ago. I was shocked and stoked that he was home so early, only to have to do some hardcore training and testing before the "big one" (the 6+ mo deployment).

What I didn't expect: 2 days after being home and not ONE phone call.

Normally, this would NOT affect me, because I truly do trust him. I explained that this bothered me because he promised on more than one occasion that he would call. And no, I don't want a 40 minute phone call, because I know he's stressed and he wants to see his friends - but in an LDR, a voice is all a girl can get!

Like I said before, this is a VERY LDR - 5,000 miles to be exact.

So what I don't get, is that - if he "loves" and "adores" me so very much, then why not call?
He promised to get Skype up and running - he didn't.
He promised to look at plane tickets so we could spend whatever little time together we could - he didn't.
He hasn't even added me on Facebook - which normally I would not care - but about 3.5 yrs ago, I had some drama with one of his ex's, and I can't help but wonder, "what is he hiding??"

So, this is what I ask - Do I grant his request and give him "space" - Or do I give him PERMANENT space?

I love this guy. I picture myself having a wonderful life in HI with him. But saying "f*** you" 4 times, and saying he doesn't care - well, I guess that it is what it is.

I didn't say anything out of line, I never say "f-you" to ANYONE. I wanted him to understand that saying you will do something, but then not doing anything... well, that isn't right.

I just wanted to hear his voice. Even if it was a quick "I'm going out with the guys and won't be around but I'll call you soon".

So, am I wrong for wanting to know he was thinking of me, that I mattered to him when he was home - and not just some girl he can use for comfort on deployment? Or am I making a bigger issue of this than it really is...?
xxamberromancexx xxamberromancexx
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2012