Letter, Great Lakes

Woo, i finally got his letter on friday! I was so happy!! It just confirmed everything that I was questioning.. and made me feel like he really does love me! he told me in it that he hopes I still love him through all of this and that he hopes we have a future <3 he also wrote about the people he has met and become friends with who have their girlfriends/wifes back home and how it makes it easier knowing people surrounding him are going through similar situations.

I am going to Great Lakes for his graduation Oct. 12 , anyone else going to be there?!?
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4 Responses Sep 10, 2012

My BF graduates that date too and I will also be there for the grad what ship and division is he in??

Mines also October 12th :) what's your boys div number?

My sailors also graduating on october 12th! Cant wait! :)

I got my first letter on Thursday and before that I was terrified his feelings had faded. I'll be there October 12! Only 32 more days...