Stress And Finally Understanding Why...

My boyfriend, an E7, is always so stressed. His mind races. He stops mid-sentence and starts a new train of thought. Doesn't process what has been said, and starts a whole new conversation.

My boyfriend has ADD.

I used to think it was an excuse - but I realize now that he does have this condition. And taking medication will make him a different person, which neither of us want.

I now understand why he is so stressed, why little things seem like such pressure - I feel ashamed for not understanding this sooner - that thinking he was making excuses. I feel like a failure as a girlfriend.

I also understand what I need to do in order to be more supportive and sympathetic for him - to not pressure him, to listen to his anger, celebrate his joys, and to motivate him with positive vibes and encouragement.

Unfortunately, this is another test in this LDR. As if there weren't enough obstacles in our path to our goal of being together after this deployment... However, I will face this head-on and with a sparkling smile and bright eyes. And while it sometimes drives me nuts that he doesn't complete a thought, or process something I've said - I think this is not even a fracture, but a small nick in our journey.

Only one week til his 'big one', and I'm grasping at every minute I can just to hear his voice.
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im glad yall are having a better understanding of things :)

I didn't ever really take the whole "i have ADD" thing seriously until this last argument - but I guess it makes up for the fact that I think WAAAAY too much and I have to plan EVERYTHING. ADD + OCD = Love ;)

yall make it wrk :)

Might as well have fun if we can't be next to each other :)

i agree :)
u have to have fun in life or else ya let everythin bring ya down

absolutely!! This will be the first deployment as a couple though, and while I'm not worried, I'm so frustrated to know for 6+ months I can't talk to him - ugh! But I'll be flying out the week he gets back, and hopefully I'll only be coming back to FL to pack my things ;)

best of luck girl! ive never been thru that, hopefully u will get emails and letter :) the little stuff helps.
when u visit him in HI ask him to take u to officer beach its breath taking :)

You bet! Hopefully I won't be leaving :) I'm hoping to get accepted into Pacific University for my BA, and it will keep me busy since he's locked in until 2016 :-/

that will take up a good chunk of your time =} good for you grl, the years will sail by esplly once you guys get married

I hope one day that is what he wants... :)

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