How I Met My Sailor

I met my sailor on a social network site, never did I think I'd come away falling for someone. It was a Saturday night 2.5 months ago bout 2 in the morn when I came across his profile. Said hello n he replied straight away. We spike till 7 that morning bout anything n everything. We got on so well we started communicating outside the site. I knew he was in the navy and it didn't bother me at all cos I only expected us to remain as 2 people flirting via messages. A couple of weeks past and he was messaging everyday and so was I and it got to the point where I felt I wanted to go further. I started getting butterflies every time my phone went off hoping it was him. My sailor started feeling the same. He then said that he wanted to meet me. Of course I was scared but also got the gut feeling that this man I'd been messaging was genuine, so I agreed. His ship was in London and seen as I have family there I said we'd meet there at a train station.
The day soon come round and I was pretty calm waiting for his arrival. I was an hour early cos I wanted to check him out b4 he did me lol. Anyways, I sat down on a bench when my phone went off, I had a text. It was my mum so I took my eyes off the exit of the train station to reply. When I replied I looked back up, looked back at my phone then immediately looked straight back up at this man walking towards me, omg it's him I said to myself. I stood up and b4 I could get a word out he put his arms around me and held me so close and tight. In that moment everyone around disappeard, it was just me and him. It felt so right and so meant to be. I pulled away and smiled at him smiling back, I looked into his eyes n said softly as I tried to get my breath back that he'd taken hello. It was a perfect day. He said within an hour of meeting, "baby, ur my girl". I just melted. He was giving me feelings I'd never experienced before, was I falling in love? Who knows? We've been together almost 3 weeks and I've seen him twice. He texts me every opportunity he can and I miss his touch when I say bye but at the moment I'm lucky that I get to see him every 2 weeks for a night. He's falling for me big time he says and he knows I'm feeling the same. We feel that we are the final chapters in each others lives already. Before my sailor came along, I'd of told u love doesn't exist nor does fate n destiny. I was wrong. Xx
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2 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Your story is precious! So happy for you!

omg I'm in love with your love story!!! lol This is amazing, im so happy for y'all!!!!!!!! :)

Thank u, I'm soooo happy. I'm of course unsure of what I'm letting myself In for but for once in my life I know this man is so worth it. Xx

well thats a great place to be!!! Its gonna be hard, but write on here everytime something wonderful happens! There are so many girls on here you can relate with!

Thank you and I will x