35 More Days!

I can not believe I only have 35 more days until I get to see my girlfriend graduate from bootcamp. So far I've gotten two letters from her! The second letter I got was just what I needed. Hearing that she is constantly thinking about me, and that she has wanted to be sent home so many times but then she thinks about how proud I am of her and how much I brag about her and she knows she can't give up. She told me that he RDCs pick on her more than anyone. and everyone else agrees. She has so many jobs. One is Ship Staff! which she loves. If anyone has anymore details on this job lemme know!(:
Ive already made my motel reservations and ive planned out my 20 hour road trip to get to illinois! Im so excited!

Still no phone call, my friend whose bf happens to be in the same ship AND div as elyette got a phone call yesterday. but i didnt. So either El was busy working OR they ran out of time:/ pretty sad about it. But I gotta keep my head up!(:
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