Talk After Break Up

Ok so everybody told me not too but i talked to him yesterday it made my stomach hurt i havent talked to him for a week since breaking up it was really weird n he had the same reasoning for everything he had before he doesnt always wanna talk still doesnt get it i wanted to know how he felt toward me emotionally n wanted to feel important and he probably never will but he said he wanted to be with me because he wanted to be with me for who i am thats like the kind of **** i needed to know while we were together but of course i only got responces when i ask questions i know its probably better to let him go i know im over him now but i still kinda wanna be friends but its awkward :( hes the only sailor i ever loved being with him taught me im way stronger then i thought emotionally i learned how to be patient, more trusting,and no matter if somewhere down the line i get back with him or not ill always support the navy and navy girlfriends and wives for probably my whole life im proud to have been included in such an awsome group of women you all helped me more then You know it makes me kinda sad that we broke up.Stay strong and proud ladies cuz your men really do love you I wish he did but thats ok ill find someone that can be the man i want and deserve some day.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

Atleast he talked to you girl. I have been trying to work things out with my guy for over a week. No "I love you" from him, then he says, "i think we'd be great together" - uh, what? We ARE together? WTF. So I told him if he wanted to talk to me like an adult, he would have to verbally speak to me - and can we guess what he did not do? That's right. No phone call, for almost a full week. I told him he had to call by 1am (my time) or we had no chance of working anything out.

He didn't call. No text. Nothing.

I was so depressed and confused all the time in this relationship. I'm ready to get back to being ME. Happy, confident, sparkly and shiny ME. Four years of his on-off 'I'm confused' bullsh!t have finally taken it's toll.

I support the USN, but not creeps like that!