okay girls i need some serious help my bf graduated in 18 days (oct 5th) i just booked my plane ticket but thats all i have done i need to know where cheap CLOSE hotels are to base like walking didstance i dont have any transportation and i was also wondering can i see him the day before graduation? what time does graduation start, how long is it and what can he do after graduation? does he have to go back to base that night or can he stay with me? he leaves the next day to go to a school...
nataliealisa nataliealisa
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

if you havent at least tried yet, check the hotel on base too! and yea he has to be back on base the night of graduation. you cant see him before, the recruit training command page. It has answers to all the question you are asking!!!!!! you might be able to just google it! good luck :)