Broken Hearted

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a year now and his dream is to go to the army. Until this stage tonight he was talking about staying together and we can get through it together but tonight he told me he thinks it is best for us to break it off for my sake of waiting for him..
how do I show him and prove to him that I will wait for him and will not give up! I AM SO SCARED and need peoples advice!! I cant loose him!!! :(
courtlee courtlee
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

on the bright side, i am still with miine, so it can be saved!!!

hes just scared. my boyfriend did the same thing to me the day before he left for basic. Just remind him of everything you have been through together and make sure he knows that you love him. Tell him even with him being gone, you love him and will wait. If after you pour your heart out to him trying to save your relationship, and he doesnt budge, then let go. Tell him you want to stay in touch, for him to send you his address, and write to him. maybe when hes out of basic he will realize he made a mistake of letting you go, and come back for you!! he is just scared. i promise you, you are just as scared. but he is more, and you have to make sure he knows how you feel! Dont let him leave unless he knows!!! :) Good luck! let us know what happens, if you want.