So my bf is stationed in Japan and is currently deployed. His bday is coming up (Oct 30) and I wanted to surprise him by sending a lil care package. Problem is that I don't know what to send him or what I can send him. So far all I have is a flashdrive with a video of me saying happy bday & I was thinking of sending him a ukelele because he's been telling me hes planning on getting one when he returns to port.So any suggestions of anything that ould be good to send or any ccute lil detailsĀ that iĀ could include?

Ohh & if anyone has sent ne before. How long did it take to get there?

Any suggestions will be appreciated


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Don't send him cake! Lol, my friend's boyfriend got cake for his bday and the officers ate it in front of him. But the ukulele is such a cute idea! Maybe a scrap book of picture of you two. That would be adorable! :)

lol omg Really? I wouldn't want that to happen to him I really want to send him the ukulele but I'm afraid it might get destroyed & not make it in one piece:(
I'm gonna try though:) Im gonna send him along a journal with the notes/tabs and chords for the uke for some of his fav songs and some cute songs I guess I can dedicate the last few pages to pics of us:)
Thanks for the idea:)

Yeah he's at a Naval Hospital right now. Is there an activity that you two would do together? Maybe a favorite movie or band. It doesn't have to be anything big or extravagant...especially if he's on a ship. In the couple of boxes I've sent my boyfriend I've come to learn that even the smallest things mean a lot to them.

I've got a few ideas now:)
I was over thinking a bit but I thought of a few small but important details he'll really appreciate

My boyfriend is also stationed in Japan and shipping packages through the USPS only takes about six days from me (I'm in Arizona) out to him. For my boyfriends birthday I sent him bags of his favorite candy, a handmade card, and some shirts that he loves. Maybe send him something that reminds him of you. Good luck :-)

Ohh but is he at his home port? My bf is like somewhere out at sea so I figure it'll take a bit longer.
I'm def going to make him a card :) _( live that idea) along with some candy and a couple shirts
Thank you:)
I'm just really having now coming up with something to send that'll remind him of me.-.

My SO's birthday is Oct. 25th. He is deployed on a DDG. I got him a flashdrive as well and had his family make little videos of themselves singing him happy birthday, and then I edited them all to mesh together to have them all singing one song, at the same time. I also got him a movie of one of his favorite books, and a couple other small things. Since there was no way I was going to get a birthday cake sent to him I got the betty crockers personal cakes (3 or 4 of them so he could share) and some candles, and balloons. I plan on getting him a kindle when he gets back but I'm not going to ship that out there- the last care packages I sent got completely destroyed. They took about a month to get to him- but then again he is on a ship so I don't know how long it would take for you. Good luck! <3

Ohh that's one day after my bday lol
Yea I was gonna ask his fam to say a lil something that I could add but the singing thing is a good idea:)
I don't think ill be sending his that ukelele then I wouldnt want it to get destroyed&amp; idk if he'll have enough space for it so ill probably wait to get him that
&amp; yes thanks I'm def going to send him some of those personal cakes&amp; candles :) &amp; a few movies too
I think ill send it like a month bofore just to make sure it gets there on time. (I better hurry then lol)
Thanks a bunch:)