7 Months

My boyfriend left mid march for bootcamp. I didn't get to go to his graduation or visit him, so I have not seen him in 7 months. He finishes C-school 2 days after our one year anniversary(which is Oct. 4th). He is refusing to tell me the day he comes home for his first leave and I may have a hear attack if I don't find out. Haha. He thinks its the most romantic thing in the world, and it kind of is, but I would really love to know when he will be back. I feel as if after he's don't with C-school, he could be around any corner at any given moment. My nerves are going insane! :p
Aubie1806 Aubie1806
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

My boyfriend thinks its sooooo fun to surprise me too! He hasn't told me any dates at all & says he's gonna show up randomly at my car after I get out if class or at one of my softball games. It's crazy!