My fiance comes home for 15 days on friday and I was thinking about making him a special present for when he leaves again. Like a box of stuff to remember me. A really small box I guess, now that I think about it. I know he can't take much with him.

The only thing I can think of so far is this perfume of mine he loves. I know it's something he'd pull out every once in a while just to smell it and imagine me there....

What are some other good ideas? Should I just give him the perfume? Is that enough plus pictures?

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Before my boyfriend went away I was in the same boat and I didn't have much money to spend so what I did was went and bought some nice coloured paper and a small glass jar. I then cut small squares out of the paper and printed quotes, words to support, photos etc. then folded them into envelope shapes and filled the jar with them. I gave him a card that said everytime he's lonely he can open an envelope and it will hopefully make him feel better. I guess you could also spray your perfume on the paper so he'd get your smell too =]

Load up an I pod with videos of you talking to him or doing random things like folding laundry and baking cookies. :) It's the little things you miss most. :)

Give him an iphone4 so both of u could facetime! thats what im gona do LOL

When my boyfriend got to his school for BESS (Basic Enlisted Submarine School), I sent him a box, as well! The perfume is a WONDERFUL idea, but along with it you should send his favorite shirt of yours with the perfume sprayed on it. This way he can also reminisce whichever special memories he has with you in the shirt. . .it will be the closest thing he'll have to actually being able to have you. You could also give him a picture of you and him with a note bordering the picture. . .a personal little letter telling him how much you love him/how proud you are of him. I'm sure he'd appreciate that, as well! Although I'm sure he's already been home, you could still send him gifts. . .or at least for future reference! :o)