He Graduated Today!! ❤

My boyfriend Scott's graduation today was indescribable! The minute I saw him I ran at him and started hugging him! I was speechless for like 10 minutes. He gave me his surprise - 3 page letter of him spilling his heart out! I absolutely loved it!!! Then I gave him his navy mizpah gift! Which he loved.,! Highly recommend that as a gift for your sailor! (navy mizpah necklace) I'm just so unbelievably in love with him! I can't wait to marry him!
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My boyfriend just left today, and I'm already counting down the hours till I see him again. I can't wait to go see him! Congrats on yours graduating!

How was it?! I am at 20 more days! I feel like it is going to be so weird to see him after so long!

It was definitely weird but it was the best kind of weird. The minute I saw him I bolted after him and the first hug was indescribable. And I was speechless for 10 minutes all I could say to him was "hi". It was a great feeling looking over and seeing him at my side for the first time in 2 months. Your going to enjoy every second of it! The actual ceremony is life changing! Just make sure you treasure every second you have with him! It goes by fast!

Was it any different? Like was he different about holding your hand and kissing you and stuff? ?

Well on base he of couse couldn't hold my hand, but once we drove away from the base he grabbed my hand. When we finally got alone time he most certainly wasn't different about kissing. And from not kissing him in 2 months...he's gonna seem like the greatest kisser in the world to you. So no he didn't act different. Your sailor is going to be more disciplined, that's all!

So happy for you! And good luck with your wedding plans!!!! :)

My sailor graduated last Friday! :) I totally agree, the feeling is INDESCRIBABLE!