Fb Friends?

I have been missing my sailor more than ever. I really would like to have other Navy Gfs as FB friends. I just think it'd be easier to get an give support that way. I find kind of hard to express everything in just a few paragraphs. Let me know if anyone would like to add me! :)
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Add me Meghan Grimes :) anybody can add me

You can add me(: Katy Santa! I'd love to have more fb navy gf friends!

For anyone that wants to add me, my Facebook e-mail is - stayseerox@yahoo.com
And yes, there are several pages on Facebook that are great for encouragement. My favorite is "My Sailor. My Hero" <3

add Ivonne Alejandre
anyone that wants to add me feel free:)
i need more navy gfs on my fb
most of my other (civilian) friends dont really understand :

i'd love to add you!

I'm in a couple great groups there, one is called "I am a navy girlfriend" and another is "thous who wait" they post daily motivational things, they are run by Military SO's for Military SO's its wonderful

dchasteen - I tried adding you but there are a lot of Devin Raye's.. Haha. Here is my FB e-mail! stayseerox@yahoo.com :)

really? lol!! well i found you and sent you one!! lol!!

hey if you need to talk to another navy gf, you can add me on FB! Devin Raye. i can give you my story if you want lol

I have less than a month left with ryan. :( I know he hasn't left yet but I'm here if you need someone to talk to, my whole family is millitary so I know how it feels. My FB email is uashtsp@hotmail.com