No Longer A Sailors Girl

well I am no longer a navy girlfriend. So as always everything was fine with e and my now ex. he was gonna come home for Thanksgiving. Then I find out he is bringing two other guys home with him, which was fine with me. I just wanted to spend alone time with him,and he assured me that we would. So thanksgiving night he was supposed to come with me to my dads, bc he wanted to see my family. Well i hadnt heard from him all day long, and I went without him. I figured that he was spending time with his family and that i shouldnt interrupt, or maybe that he would notice i wasnt there and call or text me. But nothing. So that night after like the 20th call, he finally answers and is drunk off his ***. so bad that he doesnt even realize im not there. he really hurt me, so i told him to call me when he had something to say to me and that i was considering breaking up. The next day I still hadnt heard from him so I dropped by his house. he could tell i was upset so he followed me outside. he wouldnt touch me, or hardly look at me. i had to spoon feed him with everything. he couldnt say anything on his own. when i asked if he still loved me he said yes, but couldnt look me in the eyes and say it. Eventually i left, and when i left he still was saying he wanted to get married and didnt want to break up. but that was the last time i talked to him. he dodged me the rest of the time. wouldnt talk to me at all. So we are now broken up, even though i didnt want to and it was never offically said that its over. he just left without saying anything. Now after being together for over two years I think i deserve a little more than that lol!!!

So I may not be a Sailors girl anymore, but I still support y'all!! It taked a hell of a strong woman to be in this type of relationship. I hope every one of you realizes how amazing you are. Never give up on your sailor. Good luck everyone and thank you so much for helping me get through all of this!! I couldnt have done it without yall! :)
With love, and best wishes,
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i'm sorry he acted like that, problem is sometimes they come back and just let loose before they can do anything else, the not looking you in the eyes could be many things, could be guilt (not saying it is though!)
could be his inability to cope with letting you down
If you still love him and think you want to work it out best thing to do is be straight ask him out right

Regardless i'm sorry you had to go through it keep you head up x

I'm sorry sorry darlin! it sucks that he was being like that to you. I dont want assume he did anything that would really hurt you, but from the way that he acted towards you seems like he may have cheated. he couldn't look you in the eye which meant he was ashamed of something. Ive had ex's cheat and act this same way. I honestly hope that he didnt do anything to hurt you because you seem like a really sweet girl and you should not be treated like that.

Best of luck with your sailor, sweetie!

Morgan :)