He Just Left For Bootcamp

Well I am new here. My boyfriend just left a week ago. I know it gets easier. But he's my bestfriend,and I am having such a hard time! I wont see him for four months or so,and while that's nothing compared to the rest of our lives we plan to share......it sucks!
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

i met mine when he was already a squaddie so i don't know anything else tbh but still really hard and even harder when they only come back for a few days

mine left sunday! holy crap this isnt easy! i have never lived alone

I ccan imagine it is hard for everyone! Everyone says it gets easier. But I find it harder and harder!

I went though the same but I was 8 months pregnant when he left! He met our baby girl in Christmas for the first time! I know how hard it is I felt so lonely when he left! But try to keep yourself busy to keep your mind off him for a bit! The more you look at the clock and the more you think about him the slower time passes by! It's been a year since my now fiancé left to boot camp and to his deployment And I've Seen Him Probably Just 2 weeks in All this year but in 3 days he's finally going to be home for good! If you truly love him, wait for him patiently he's going to be gone a lot and you have to be strong! It's up to you to decide if you can handle being alone while he's gone! I did got to feel hate towards my boyfriend for joining the navy because I felt like he left me alone with our daughter but I realized that I just truly missed him! I hope the best for you be loyal and strong!