Newer Relationship, New To Hi, New To Navy, And He Is About To Deploy

I am seeking any advice and/or support from others on the topic. I met my Navy BF when I first came to Oahu a couple months ago. He is different than anyone I've met (in a good way). I feel we compliment each other and haven't felt that way about anyone since ending a LT relationship 3 yrs ago. We found out he will be deploying in a couple weeks and I am new to the whole Military Proceedures/life. At first he didn't want to know his departure date, yet he finally found out and shared it with me. We are talking of building a life together and he is ready to propose I think. Although, I wish we had more time to see where things go, I feel he is right for me and visa/versa, yet it's all moving so fast. I don't know how the deployment thing works or what exactly to expect (?) This is also his first deployment since being in 2 yrs. Any insight on how Navy works, Acronyms, Any support what so ever would be GREATLY Appreciated! Thank you and good luck to everyone else encountering military challenges.
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Hey i'm new to all this myself so can't give much information, other than my support for you, i am in a new relationship with a deployed soldier im in the UK he is currently in Afghan and it is hard but, when you fall you fall hard