Hi y'all! I am a 20 yr old small town country girl who works full time at a hospital, fulltime college student and have now started dating a US SAILOR. He is 2 years older than me, we went to the same highschool but never really associated. We started talking when he came home on emergency leave a few months ago because of his little cousins funeral(a kid i had watched grow up and thought a lot of). He has been a navy corpsman for 3 years has 2 years left and is missing his hometown. He got to come home for 2 weeksbefore he got stationed at a new base and we spent 24/7 together and decided we wanted to try a relationship. he went from a base where i could text him all the time and get a phone call/skype everynight to im lucky if i get a goodmorning text. He stated long distance relationships dont usually work with him but he honestly believes this one will and is talking about us after he gets out.. He is a great guy and is someone i can see myself staying with but im a little scared/nervous this is my first long distance relationship... Any Advice?
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First off let me say welcome to the Navy S/O family :] The best advice I can give you 1) always follow your heart and 2) Never never NEVER listen to people tell you navy relationship horror stories! This is so important because every relationship is different so don't let a couple of "bad apples" scare you away! Please feel free to contact me if you ever need to talk! <3 Katie

Haha anytime! I'm always here to help :) and things definitely move a lot quicker. Zay told me he wanted to marry me as soon as possible. Talk about quick! Haha but hey, I'm all for it :)

thank you jen. i appreciate your input very much. Ive been told that distance makes the heart grow fonder my whole life, guess im just a little nervous as well as worried lol. thank you hope everything goes well with you

Well, this is my first long distance relationship too. So I get how you feel. Just listen to your heart, don't let anybody get to you or tell you that long distance doesn't work. You just need to believe in each other, stay committed, and truly realize that it can only get better. Distance makes the heart grow fond. It makes you appreciate each other so much more and it can really make you even closer. Just stay strong and keep positive! Keep yourself busy, don't think about the time, think about him! And I promise the time will fly by. Best of luck!!

best advice i have heard, and the same i give, follow your heart forget about the details, just go with it!
this is my first time dealing with such a long distance, and sometimes i feel clinically insane, can't sleep, can't eat etc but then i get a msg and its all butterfly's again. I also think its not just long distance its being with someone in the service, its a very emotional relationship and for me i'm not used to that with guys, i do think sometimes it feels like things move quicker