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I think the root of what's bothering me is how negative everyone back home is being. Everyone keeps saying that he will forget me or cheat on me. It's all so ridiculous. His mother is the only supportive person I can talk to. We've become each others support systems and its really nice to have that bond with her. I know it would make Zay really happy. I try to be there for his family as much as possible. I feel closer to him by doing that and it takes the stress and doubt away. I just wish people would be more optimistic and keep their negative views to themselves. Does anyone else have this issue? How do you handle it?
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My mom has been my rock and the one who has not let me give up on my sailor.Your mother is the one person you should worry about not what everyone else says especially if they never have been through this.Your the only person in this relationship with him not your friends.

So glad I'm not alone! I am currently dealing with these same issues, only difference is I'm probably getting it worse. I have been with my boyfriend for about seven years, I'm 19. He is currently in A school in Pensacola and I'm getting no support from his family. His family basically tells me I'm crazy for waiting and says stuff like ill never understand what he's going through, I won't be able to relate to him ect. It's extremely hurtful as if things weren't hard enough already. But I refuse to let their negativity get me down, as should you. Only we understand the love we share with our sailors, and one day we will prove them wrong!

Mines in Pensacola too! lol

I totally had this issue when my sailor and I first started dating. Everyone told me he was going to cheat on me and leave me. Let me just saying when someone who tell me that it would **** me off to no end. It took me a while to realize that I know him way better then any of those people. I know he would never do such thing so you just need to trust your gut and ignore everyone else. <3

Thank you so much, you guys are really putting me at ease. I literally write him a letter everyday, just so he knows nothing has changed.

Thank you! This whole thing is hard enough, negativity just makes it worse. I just wish that everyone could just be happy for him and I and drop it, you know? I mean this guy makes me so happy, so why can't everyone just recognize that and be happy too?

I have the same issue myself. It seems like all my friends are constantly telling me he is just going to hurt me, cheat on me, etc. I've learned to handle all the negativity by just ignoring it. I used to argue with them but in the end they are still going to believe what they want. You know he's being faithful to you and that you two are happy and that's all that matters.

I hear so much of this crap! And it makes me rage, no. 1 it's normally the pther way round the women normally cheat, when they can't handle the separation any longer or out of spite, the truth is they don't get much downtime, god knows when they would have the time lol

2. you are what gets them through, mine likes to message me the second he gets back in and gets to the internet, always saying he is fine in one piece, and pictures always help them