Talking About A Ring!

So the other day my sailor was like "if I were to ask you to marry me the day after christmas what would you say" Ofcourse I said I would say yes. Then he passed out on me. So the next day I had asked him why he had asked and he said "because I won't be home for your birthday" I kind of just assumed he was just asking to see what I would say, I didn't actually read into it. Then today my best friend calls me and asks me what my ring size is! She wouldn't tell me anything, she said she was looking for a christmas gift for me. Then I guess my boyfriend pissed her off (which happens alot, they kind of hate eachother. It makes for an interesting relationship) So she was like "just because he pissed me off, he asked for your ring size" So I'm getting like excited and nervous for Christmas. Though he didn't say anything to her about an engagment ring, but she did say that she isn't going to be in our wedding until he appologizes! I'm kind of hoping it happens and doesn't happen at the same time. Our families love us both, but they will probably think we are both young. I will most definately say yes if he does though!
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

This is so awesome! My boyfriend and I have been talking about rings and marriage too! He sent me a picture of an engagement ring the other day, saying he's been looking at them all morning. He said maybe next Christmas :)

I'm very excited! Also very nice to hear you and your boyfriend are talking about Marriage!

This is a very exciting time for both you and your Sailor. Even if he doesn't pop the question it is still a huge step to be talking about marriage. If he does propose Congrats!! :] Enjoy this time!

I know even if he doesn't pop the question it is still very exciting.