Day 2

My Boyfriend of One year left 2 days ago for Training. It has been a horrible 2 days & I have no idea when he graduates or even if i will be able to go to his graduation. He's not sure if he will be able to come home after he graduates. I miss him so much. None of my friends here know what I'm going through and they just blow it off like this is nothing. I'm so happy to find a site like this. Does anyone know when he will get his cell phone back?
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Did your boyfriend leave Dec 3?

I know how you feel. Bootcamp is the hardest part because its like you have to quit them cold. Its a hard adjustment and many may not understand your wide range of motions. The best thing to do is to try and focus your attention else where. Spend some time with loved ones. He will come back just keep your mind focused on that. He will be able to call at some point in the middle of boot camp or the end. They get their phones back after they graduate. Just hang on and remember why you love him and feel lucky that you were blessed to have someone you care so much about that it hurts. Hope this helps. I know where you stand on this even if I am a bit older.

Oh I am glad I could help, never hesitate to message me if you wanna talk or have questions!

Hey there let me start off by staying that missing him is totally completely 120% NORMAL! This is probably your first time apart from him, in which you really have very minimal contact. I have been there with my friends not understanding my lifestyle, which they still don't and I have come to accept the fact that they probably never will. At this time it is so very important for you to find other navy or military S/O's to talk to about questions and just everyday navy life. Finally he will be able to get his cell phone back at bootcamp graduation, but in a few weeks he will get a chance to call you. Even though you can talk via phone or text dont underestimate the power of a hand written letter. They love them!! Let me know if you ever need to talk! <3

Thank you so much. I plan to write him as soon as i get his writing address. This comment just made my whole day. It helps knowing other people are going through the same thing.