Every Moment Together Is Precious

I met my boyfriend when he was in my country making a port call. We've known each other for 9 months now. Officially together for 3 months. He is amazing!!! We talk EVERYDAY! So, I guess I am lucky in that sense.

This week is the third time we get to see each other and it was suppose to be for 5 days. Five precious days. On the third day, he had duty so I sent him to the ship early in the morning feeling happy and optimistic because the next day, I get to get him and be his 'buddy'!

I then went back to the hotel room alone in a foreign land hoping that time will pass quickly. After he got off his watch, the first watch, he gave me a call. He said that the ship had to leave because the storm is coming. I was crushed when I heard the news. He got permission to go to the pier so I can give him his things. That was when I see him last. I hugged him tight and put on a brave face. I have a feeling of hollow inside. Then I make my way back to the hotel. Not eating. All I do is refresh my email to see if he sent me any.

I looked at the last photo we took together an tears started to run down my cheek. I cried And cried for a couple of hours until I fell asleep. The weird thing is I don't even know why I cried! Maybe the realisation just hit me. Is this how it's always going to be???? He keep asking me if I'm ok. How can I tell him that I'm not? I know he feel bad for having to leave so I don't want to add more burden for him.

We were suppose to still be together and enjoy the city! Now, I don't feel like doing anythig without him. I am miserable. Counting the days again.
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you'll find military relationships are horribly emotional especially for us, i have found myself on a roller coaster and im the same im lucky to speak to mine everyday sometimes not for long but you take what you get

It is making me feel emotional. I don't even know that I am capable of having all these emotions. I am fine now. The initial impact is gone now. My boyfriend has been trying to make me feel better by emailing me every chance he gets. I did feel better with every email. I am being optimistic now! .Waiting for our next trip! :D

yeah mine does the same even if its just for 5 mins i get a message once a day, sometimes it helps sometimes not but thats the roller coaster lol