My boyfriend is currently at A school in San Antonio and last night while we were on the phone, he tells me this: They were allotted 14 days leave for Christmas, so he bought a plane ticket home. He then found out that they were only given 10 days. He couldn't change the date of his flight, and it would cost him a crazy amount of money to stay late. So he had to cancel his flight. He had planned on surprising me on Christmas Eve. He was heartbroken and says that he ruined Christmas, and that broke my heart. We haven't seen each other since he left for bootcamp in September, but he does graduate A school January 11th. It was just really sad knowing how hard he tried to surprise me and how much thought he put into it because he knew how much it would have meant to me.
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The thought was beautiful behind it and you should let that carry your happiness for a bit. You are lucky to have someone so thoughtful and when you see him next, it will be that much more special <3

def the thought was lovely hold on to that

I know he tried so hard to make it happen and he feels so guilty. But I love that he tried so hard. :)

yeah it's lovely! Hell i appreciate it when he messages me half asleep and totally exhausted lol the fact that he still does it is lovely

Haha absolutely! Any little thing is appreciated :)

yep now if he was an average joe probably wouldn't impress us much lol but you know they work 20 hour days and still make sure they try and spea to you so its gotta count lol

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