Leaving It In God's Hands.

Today I am trying to remember that when things are hard I should have faith. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years this January. We have been through so much and sometimes I am afraid maybe this test of distance will be our last straw. But I realize that I truly need to trust in god, and leave our relationship in his hands to guide. Because if my boyfriend wasn't meant to be in my life, he wouldn't be here right now. I pray that god can keep us strong and I am going to try hard to have faith and not worry about things I cannot control. When I am meant to see him, god will send him home to me. And I am blessed to say that all though I will not have my boyfriend coming into the new year, I will have him for christmas. This is the first holiday we will spend together in almost a year. I can't wait to see him.
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Thank you, I really do have to focus on myself when he is not around. I am very independent I go to school, work, involved in extracurriculars. There are lots of things to keep me busy. Its just sometimes my mind gets the best of me and I lose focus and lose myself in this military relationship. I am going to do my best to be more independent and focus on the now.

I understand that.. the time when it's really hard is when you're alone with nothing to do. I think I abuse the refresh button for my email to see if there's anything from him, aside from setting it to refresh every 5 minutes!

Being independent is the most important thing. My boyfriend keeps telling me that. It is one of the reason he fell for me. They could be gone for weeks, months and there's nothing much we can do but to wait and wait. I really understand how you feel. One moment I am happy and optimistic, the next, I feel really sad and depressed. The thought of seeing him next is keeping me going. I know the meeting will make me the happiest woman in the world! Have fun with your boyfriend!

Faith does make it easier. It takes off pressure on oneself to leave it too a higher power and trust in destiny. But yes I feel like its so hard on me because I was with him everyday for four years. So for him to just be gone now is such as adjustment. I am very independent and busy with school/work but I feel a part of me is with him. Do not worry my heart hurts every day. This emotional roller coaster ride is a crazy one. Some days I am strong and some days I am a mess and feel like I can't be in such a difficult relationship. But something always keeps me there<3

i tell you i wish i was religious because faith may just make it that bit easier, im new to all of this so i don't now quite how it feels when your used to them being around, must be worse! But it kind of breaks my heart every day